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Judge in Loughner case to mull release of records

SAN DIEGO — A judge overseeing the criminal case against the suspect in the Tucscon, Ariz., shooting rampage will consider whether to release a new mug shot of the suspect and unseal records of a police search of his house.

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Shooting suspect: Death penalty possible

The 22-year-old man described as a social outcast with wild beliefs steeped in mistrust faced a federal court hearing Monday on charges he tried to assassinate Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in a Tucson shooting rampage that left six people dead

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ABA enters Arizona fray

In a rare move, the American Bar Association has submitted an amicus brief in a U.S. District Court case seeking to enjoin Arizona’s tough and controversial new immigration law.

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High Court throws races into turmoil

The U.S. Supreme Court this week blocked Arizona’s Clean Elections system from distributing matching funds, throwing a number of high-profile campaigns into disarray just weeks before candidates were to start receiving money.

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Lawmaker calls for baseball boycott

The fallout from Arizona’s proposed immigration law has reached the baseball diamond. In a letter to New York Yankees’ President Randy Lewis Levine and New York Mets’ President Saul B. Katz, Assemblyman Peter M. Rivera ...

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Arizona law might turn more illegals into citizens

Arizona’s new immigration law may have been aimed at deporting as many illegal immigrants as possible, but an ironic side effect will allow more undocumented residents to apply for temporary work visas and permanent U.S. citizenship ...

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