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Attorney captures golden memories of U.S. hockey

Sports attorney Andrew Conway set out to produce a book about the 1980 U.S. Olympic men’s hockey team’s Miracle on Ice, but pulling it together the way he wanted borders on the miraculous, unless you know his secret. The power ...

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Ithaca attorney-professor contributes to book

America no longer opens its arms blindly to welcome the immigrant masses. No matter how qualified they may be, not everyone receives a green card. But those who do make it through the lengthy bureaucratic maze and emotionally challenging process ...

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Justice Morris combines legal principles and Harry Potter

Brighton Town Court justice, author, Monroe Community College professor and Girl Scout leader Karen Morris said she started reading J.K. Rowling’s famous Harry Potter series because she likes to stay informed about the things that interested both students and Scouts alike.

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Lawyers: Learn to use the iPad in 1 hour

Recognizing the growing number of lawyers making use of tablet technology in the office and the courtroom, tech guru Tom Mighell has authored a new book: “iPad in One Hour for Lawyers.” Recently released by the American Bar Association ...

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UB professor questions sex offender laws

Communities may not be getting the protection they hoped new sex offender laws would afford. They also may not be able to afford the costs of some of the solutions. The enactment and impacts of sex offender laws are explored in a new book ...

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Helping teens understand the law

As a criminal defense attorney, Robert Tucker has seen a lot of teenagers in trouble. What troubles him is how little they and their parents know about the law and the serious, potentially life-long consequences their actions may have.

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