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Judiciary sequestration concerns heard

The pain being felt by the judiciary as the result of budget cuts is being reviewed by a congressional subcommittee, which Tuesday heard from a number of stakeholders increasingly fearful about the future. “Many of these measures have been painful ...

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US budget cuts ground June air show

US budget cuts ground June air showA western New York air show has been postponed because of the federal government sequestration budget cuts. The promoters of the Rochester International Air Show scheduled for June 1-2 say a recent Department of ...

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Obama warns sequester will cause job losses

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is warning that “people will lose their jobs” if across-the-board budget cuts take effect as scheduled next week. Obama says the $85 billion in cuts — known as the sequester — are “severe” and says ...

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Budget cuts clog justice system

ATLANTA — Prosecutors are forced to ignore misdemeanor violations to pursue more serious crimes. Judges are delaying trials to cope with layoffs and strained staffing levels. And in some cases, those charged with violent crimes, even murder, are set free because caseloads are too heavy to ensure they receive a speedy trial.

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Summer law intern program victim of cuts

Funding is not available this year for the LawPrep Summer Internship Program, so program coordinator Jack Hurley is hoping his colleagues in the legal profession will fill the gap. Instead of just sponsoring interns this year, he would like law employers to pay the interns’ salaries, which were previously funded with grants.

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