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Banks offer cash transfers to cell number, email

WASHINGTON — Three of the nation's four largest banks are launching a system that lets customers transfer money from their checking accounts using only a mobile number or e-mail address. The banks say the service, called clearXchange ...

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State senate votes to toughen texting law

ALBANY — The state Senate has passed legislation that would allow police to stop and ticket motorists for texting while driving. Sen. Carl Marcellino, a Long Island Republican and the bill’s primary sponsor, says all police will have to do is see a driver holding a cell phone as grounds to pull them over.

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FCC rules seek to avoid surprise wireless bills

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Federal regulators want to stop cell phone "bill shock" by requiring wireless companies to alert subscribers before they run out of minutes, hit data usage or text messaging caps or start racking up international roaming charges.

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