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Civil Litigation: Employing a ‘limited defense’ strategy

Talk to small business owners, and one of their biggest fears is becoming embroiled in litigation against their will, and over which they have little control. An even bigger fear is when the small business’ adversaries are multi-million or multi-billion ...

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Civil Litigation: What Labor Law Section 193 amendments mean

New York Labor Law § 193 and New York Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations Title 12, § 195.1 govern employer deductions from employee’s wages. Until now, § 193 generally prohibited employers from making deductions from employees’ wages, with two ...

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Civil Litigation: Modification of child support by loss of employment

Family law practitioners can readily compare notes regarding cases of child support or maintenance obligations where there is a loss of employment. The state of the economy, nationwide, and of course, locally, has produced an ever-increasing number of these cases. ...

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Civil Litigation: Developing remedies for LLC members

Limited liability companies appeared in New York state in 1994, when the New York Limited Liability Company Law (LLCL) went into effect. An LLC is an unincorporated organization (but not a partnership or a trust) of one or more persons ...

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Civil Litigation: Beware the ‘Badges of Fraud’ this tax season

Since the 1913 ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granting Congress the “power to lay and collect taxes on incomes,” taxpayers have been pitted against the government as to their accurate assessment and collection. Nearly a century’s ...

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