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Tag Archives: Confrontation Clause

Court of Appeals — Confrontation Clause: People v. Pealer

New York State Court of Appeals Confrontation Clause Breathalyzer Machine Calibration Documents People v. Pealer No. 9 Judge Graffeo Background: The defendant was arrested for drunken driving. At the trial the prosecution offered into evidence that documented the routine calibration ...

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Fourth Department — Confrontation Clause: People v. Dean

Appellate Division, Fourth Department Confrontation Clause Opening the Door People v. Dean KA 11-00847 Appealed from Ontario County Court Background: The defendant was convicted after trial of burglary and other charges. One of the issues he raised on appeal was ...

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Second Circuit — Confrontation Clause: Norcott Corby v. Dale Artus, et ano.

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Confrontation Clause Cumulative Evidence Norcott Corby v. Dale Artus, et ano. 11-1650-pr Judges Winter, Walker and Cabranes Background: The respondents appealed from the grant of a writ of habeas corpus to the petitioner. ...

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Disputed testimony admissible

A murder defendant opened the door to the admission of testimony that was otherwise barred by the Confrontation Clause, New York State Court of Appeals ruled last week, State v. Reid, no. 102 (June 5). The defendant and a co-defendant ...

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‘Habeas’ Relief: Watson v. Greene

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ‘Habeas’ Relief Confrontation Clause Watson v. Greene 10-307-pr Judges Lynch, Chin and Korman Background: The petitioner-appellee sought habeas relief after state courts affirmed his conviction for first-degree murder. The district court granted ...

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