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Judge denies change to divorce agreement

A judge has denied a man’s request to reduce payments to his ex-wife required by their divorce agreement, even though the man claims she is living “high on the hog.” Frank Burgio, who is represented by attorney Charles A. Schiano ...

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Judge upholds separation agreement

A state Supreme Court justice has upheld the terms of a divorce agreement that requires the ex-husband to buy his ex-wife a new car every time the one she is driving reaches 75,000 miles. According to the couple’s 2006 separation ...

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COVID-19 sparks surge of child, spousal support calls for law firms

Sheltering at home is hard enough with a spouse and kids, but for divorced parents it can be a little more complicated. “I’ve gotten a lot of calls on visitation,” said Larry Schwind, partner and chair of the domestic relations ...

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Divorce mediator publishes new book

A new book by BJ Mann, a Rochester-based divorce mediator, is now available at The book, A Better, Not Bitter Divorce: A Fair and Affordable Way to End Your Marriage, is about ending a marriage in a way that ...

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Contentious divorces: When to call in a forensic accountant

It’s a classic conundrum: On one hand you have a client’s most recent tax return showing $100,000 of taxable income, and on the other hand the client’s personal financial statement (Form 401) reports expenses exceeding $150,000 annually. How can this ...

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