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Tag Archives: double jeopardy

Supreme Court reaffirms precedent that allows state and federal prosecutions for the same offense

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court on Monday reaffirmed the long-established precedent that allows both state and federal authorities to prosecute a person for the same offense, a ruling that has implications for President Donald Trump’s pardon powers. The 7-2 ruling ...

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New York State Court of Appeals – Double Jeopardy: Gorman v. Rice, et al.

New York State Court of Appeals – Double Jeopardy – Mistrial – Defendant’s Consent   Gorman v. Rice, et al. No. 190 Memorandum   Background: The defendant’s vehicle veered out of control and flew in front of another vehicle as she ...

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New York State Court of Appeals – Double Jeopardy: People v. Sweat

New York State Court of Appeals – Double Jeopardy – Conditional Imprisonment – No Adjudication of Criminal Contempt   People v. Sweat No. 159 Judge Rivera   Background: The people appealed from an order dismissing an information with two counts of ...

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Case could set new double jeopardy standard

We know that wrongful convictions can be reversed, but what about wrongful acquittals? With the U.S. Supreme Court prepared to decide next term whether double jeopardy principles prevent the retrial of a defendant acquitted based on a judge’s misunderstanding of ...

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Second Circuit — Honest Services Statute: United States v. Bruno

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Honest Services Statute Double Jeopardy United States v. Bruno 10-1885 Judges B.D. Parker, Chin and Korman Background: The defendant, former majority leader of the New York State Senate, appealed his conviction for honest ...

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