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Tag Archives: Examining Ethics

Examining Ethics: Strategic alliances: ethical implications


A carefully constructed strategic alliance can provide powerful growth opportunities for almost any business enterprise. Lawyers have long recognized the economic benefits to be derived from relationships with lawyers outside their firms, many of which involve fee-sharing arrangements. These alliances ...

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Examining Ethics: Professional interpreters’ ethical standards improve reliability

Attorneys representing certain client bases may regularly find themselves in need of interpreters to communicate with their non-English speaking clients. More often than not, limited resources, limited time and the limited availability of interpreters force attorneys to resort to the ...

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Examining Ethics: Dodge Cupid’s arrow when it comes to relationships with clients

In light of the amorous atmosphere surrounding Valentine’s Day, a refresher on the prohibitions when it comes to intimate relationships between lawyers and clients is appropriate. Relationships with clients are difficult to justify, particularly given the lawyer’s fiduciary responsibility towards ...

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Examining Ethics: Not an associate, not quite a partner – ethical rules applicable to the title “Of Counsel”


Let’s face it, lawyers, like most other professionals, like titles. They signify our stature within our firms and among our peers. More importantly, they help convey our position and experience level to the public. While in law school, students working ...

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