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Commentary: For solos, doing it all can put composure to the test

Solo practitioners are constantly faced with tackling multiple jobs while trying to achieve the most important goal: building a successful law practice. If you’re a solo, in addition to being a lawyer, you have to be a small business owner, ...

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Commentary: Drone users: May I see your license, please?


Pressures are mounting for everyone involved in the unmanned aircraft systems industry, as increasingly severe penalties and new registration requirements force recreational and commercial users of UAS to adapt to evolving laws and regulations. With a recent $1.9 million penalty ...

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Commentary: On-demand work force: Time for new worker classification?

Contingent workers, more recently called on-demand workers or even micro-entrepreneurs, are a growing force in the labor market. These workers are relied upon almost entirely by app-based companies operating in the sharing economy, like industry giant Uber. However, these companies ...

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Commentary: Explain to the jury why your figure is the magic number

One of the better blogs I’ve read that relates to trial issues is The Persuasive Litigator ( Its author, Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm, recently wrote about jurors and their calculations regarding civil damages. He noted that a recent study demonstrated that ...

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Commentary: A rough industry guideline to expense tracking

We have previously discussed the importance of cash flow statements, one of which is the paid-expenses cash flow form. This form tracks your expenses month by month in a number of different categories, including employee salaries, payroll taxes, partner/shareholder draws ...

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Commentary: What to expect from the next generation

Are you tired of reading about millennials, that demographic of socially conscious, socially networked, free-thinking, tech-savvy people born around 1980 or later who are the absolute darlings of marketers everywhere? Well you’re not alone. As this kale- and quinoa-eating demographic ...

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Commentary: Millennial-friendly office space

The first time I walked into Boise State University’s new business building, I saw an environment I wasn’t expecting. Tables and chairs were on wheels and could easily be moved wherever. The halls were lined with private team rooms with ...

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