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Commentary: Assessing your own value

I am often asked to help businesses analyze the cost of their products or services. Most of these inquiries end as quickly as they start. I always ask why the business owner wants to know this information. Often, it is ...

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Commentary: Money trails lead to strange places

Much has been made in recent weeks about the U.S. Treasury’s announcement that Alexander Hamilton’s days on the $10 bill are numbered. It’s time for a woman to grace paper money. Plenty of candidates have been discussed, and an online ...

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Commentary: In God we trust? Or what?

Some time ago we received a call from an attorney who was afraid he might be facing a lawsuit for causing a client to lose the $250,000 federal tax exemption on the sale of the client’s principal residence. It seemed ...

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Commentary: To recruit workers, go where they go

As our industry enters into its busy season, thousands of students are graduating from high schools and colleges. At the same time, you cannot read headlines today without seeing something about the next generation of workers and the construction industry’s ...

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