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DeMarco’s snub of mortgage reductions has bankers smiling

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac won’t be taking part in the Obama administration’s home mortgage principal reduction program. That’s bad news for underwater homeowners but cause for rounds of high-fives among executives in the nation’s financial sector. The setback for ...

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Fannie Mae earned $2.7B in Q1, doesn’t seek aid

WASHINGTON — U.S. mortgage giant Fannie Mae made money in the first three months of the year and is not seeking additional federal aid. It’s the first time the company has reported a net income gain since it was taken ...

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Attorneys: Achieve podcasting perfection

With seemingly everyone blogging these days, it can be difficult for lawyers to differentiate themselves online. But for those with the time, speaking talent and gumption, podcasting can be just the thing to get your name out there. Podcasting is ...

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Fannie asks gov’t for almost $4.6B after loss

WASHINGTON — Mortgage giant Fannie Mae said Wednesday that it lost money in the fourth quarter and is asking the federal government for nearly $4.6 billion in aid to cover its deficit. Washington, D.C.-based Fannie said it lost roughly $2.4 ...

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Fannie, Freddie announce list of foreclosure attorneys

Pursuant to an October directive from the Federal Housing Finance Agency, national mortgage servicers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac released a revised list of retained foreclosure attorneys Tuesday. Fannie Mae’s New York attorneys list includes two firms from the Rochester ...

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Congress moves to end Fannie, Freddie bonuses

WASHINGTON — Congress is seeking to end the practice of paying million-dollar bonuses to executives at government-controlled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The House Financial Services Committee approved legislation Tuesday that would suspend $12.8 million in Fannie and ...

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