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Tag Archives: Federal Courts

Federal courts have new website

The federal judiciary’s website,, has a new look, improved functionality and Web pages that adjust automatically for optimal use on all sizes and types of devices. Other features include improved court locators that helps users find their local court ...

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Gay marriage arguments flooding federal courts

CINCINNATI — Federal appeals courts covering nearly half the United States will soon hear arguments on whether gay and lesbian couples have a right to marry, part of a slew of cases putting pressure on the U.S. Supreme Court to ...

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Court filings decrease nationally; up in WDNY

While filings at the trial level of federal courts declined in the last fiscal year, appellate cases were on the uptick, according to the latest data submitted by federal court officials to the U.S. Judicial Conference. The data covers the ...

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Federal courts continue to face fiscal challenges

The short-term crisis of sequestration’s impact on the courts may have been averted in the “fiscal cliff” deal a week ago. Controlling costs in 2013 — through streamlining services, sharing of administrative court services, curbing rental costs and other means ...

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A local perspective on new model jury rules

Social media is virtually everywhere, but emailing, blogging, tweeting and the like won’t be done from a jury deliberation room. A juror may not communicate with anyone about a case on a cell phone, BlackBerry, iPad or other electronic device, ...

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Revamped website for federal courts debuts

The website for the federal judiciary has gotten a makeover. The online home of the federal court system,, has been redesigned to provide better information for lawyers, government officials ...

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