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Criminal Law: The public safety exception in practice

Gary Muldoon

The public safety exception, also called the emergency doctrine, can arise with warrantless searches as well as obtaining statements from a defendant without Miranda warnings. Thus, it is an exception to the Fourth and Fifth amendments. Statements Police officers, principally ...

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Criminal Law: Local court errors might be unreviewable on appeal

After conviction in superior court, the defense may wish to raise on appeal errors that occurred before indictment. Often these errors, while serious, are not reviewable on appeal. These include: • Not holding a preliminary hearing may only constitute harmless ...

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Muldoon article featured in Law Review

A recent issue of Buffalo Law Review features an article by a Rochester attorney on a criminal law topic. “Understanding New York’s ‘Mode of Proceedings’ Muddle,” by Gary Muldoon, explores a doctrine that is unique to New York state. The ...

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