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For many, cash saved at gas pump is staying in pockets

In this photo from January, Sonu Singh pumps gas at a Delta gas station in downtown Newark, N.J., where the cash price for regular unleaded was listed at $1.71. The lowest gas prices in five years had given people more spending money, and hiring was surging. And yet — to the surprise of analysts — consumers have held their wallets closely. AP Images

WASHINGTON — In recent months, the stage seemed set for American consumers to do what they’ve traditionally done best: Spend money — and drive the economy. The lowest gas prices in five years had given people more spending money. Employers ...

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Gasoline prices begin to slide

NEW YORK — Gasoline prices have finally begun their seasonal slide. Better late than never. The national average retail price has fallen for ten straight days and is now $3.74 per gallon. That’s 13 cents below the fall peak of ...

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More costly gas pushes consumer prices up

WASHINGTON — Higher gas costs drove up U.S. consumer prices in September for the second straight month. Outside energy, there was little sign of inflation. The Labor Department said Tuesday that the consumer price index rose a seasonally adjusted 0.6 ...

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Spring: A time for flowers, high gasoline prices

NEW YORK — Ahh, spring. The days get longer, flowers bloom, and gasoline gets more expensive. It’s a galling time for drivers, and it’s more maddening than usual this year. The average price of gasoline could surpass $4 per gallon ...

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Prices at gas pump painful for 4 in 10 Americans

WASHINGTON — With gasoline prices hovering at $4 a gallon nationally, many Americans are making tough choices: scaling back summer vacations, driving less or ditching the car altogether. Some seniors are choosing a tank of gas over their prescriptions.

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Gas in 6 states, nation’s capital tops $4 a gallon

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Add New York to the growing list of states where gas prices are topping $4 per gallon. On Sunday, the Empire State became the sixth state to top $4 for the average price of a gallon of gas, joining Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii and Illinois ...

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High pump prices rattle drivers and businesses

NEW YORK CITY — High fuel prices are putting the squeeze on drivers' wallets just as they are starting to feel better about the economy. They're also forcing tough choices on small-business owners who are loathe to charge more for fear of losing cost-conscious customers.

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