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Environmental Law: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ends “sue and settle” practice in environmental litigation

Over the years the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has regularly settled litigation brought by environmental interest groups and stakeholders through consent decrees and settlement agreements that force EPA action or regulatory changes by court order rather than through normal ...

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Environmental Law: D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals nullifies part of the Obama administration’s 2013 Climate Action Plan regarding HFC ban

The Obama administration adopted a Climate Action Plan in 2013, which addressed climate change issues. Pursuant to the Climate Action Plan, the past administration indicated that “the [EPA] will use its authority through the Significant New Alternatives Policy Program of ...

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Environmental Law: Trump reverses past climate change policies with energy independence order


On March 28, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to dramatically shift course from the climate change focus of the Obama administration. The order has several components which will affect United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) climate regulations along ...

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Environmental Law: Donald Trump and the Environmental Agenda

Writing this column in December 2016, now a month past the surprising presidential election result, brings with it many uncertainties. Predicting environmental policy in new administrations is challenging under normal election conditions, but with a businessman about to assume the ...

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