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Money Management: 2018 taxes and the markets

The 2016 election of Donald Trump awakened capitalism in the United States with hopes of less regulation and lower taxes for corporations. President Trump’s mandate that every new regulation must eliminate two regulations is a simple yet effective way to ...

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Money Management: Evaluating the value of a government’s ‘promise to pay’ and ‘full faith and credit’

How did a promise to pay backed by the full faith and credit work out for Puerto Rico, the City of Detroit, Greece, Venezuela or Argentina? Historically, when cities or countries cannot pay their bills, investors get refinanced at 40% ...

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Money Management: Are interest rates going up in 2015?

On a bi-annual basis, the Philadelphia Federal Reserve conducts a survey of economists’ expectations for various financial metrics, called the Livingston Survey. The Livingston Survey represents a broad cross section of economists from the government, banking, industry and academic institutions. ...

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Money Management: How to get 7 percent tax-free income from your portfolio

Getting 7 percent tax-free income from a municipal bond portfolio seems like something from the late 1980s, when interest rates were much higher. However, due to somewhat unusual circumstances, that 7 percent tax-free return is available today. Interest rates bottomed ...

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