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Facebook, Google face off against formidable new foe: State attorneys general

The nation’s state attorneys general have tangled with mortgage lenders, tobacco giants and the makers of addictive drugs. Now, they’re setting their sights on another target: Big Tech. After years of federal inaction, the state watchdogs are initiating sweeping antitrust ...

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The Justice Department is preparing a potential antitrust investigation of Google

WASHINGTON – The Justice Department has taken early steps toward opening a federal antitrust investigation into Google, according to three people familiar with the matter, marking a new chapter in the tech giant’s troubles with regulators around the world who ...

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Fired Googler faces headwinds making legal case he’s the victim

The engineer fired by Google after he blasted the company’s diversity policies can try to argue he was unfairly dismissed, but legal experts say he may not get far in court. James Damore said Monday he was “exploring all possible ...

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Apple, Google add new features to phone pay apps

SAN FRANCISCO — The tech industry has been saying for years that smartphones would make traditional wallets obsolete. But most people still use cash or plastic when they shop in stores. That could change later this year when three leading ...

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Appeals court sides with Google

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — YouTube should not have been forced to take down an anti-Muslim film that sparked violence in the Middle East and death threats to actors, a federal appeals court ruled Monday in a victory for free speech ...

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Stakes raised in Google battle with EU

BRUSSELS — The European Union has charged Google with abusing its dominance in Internet searches and opened a probe into its Android mobile system, massively raising the stakes in its five-year antitrust battle with the tech giant. Wednesday’s move could ...

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