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4th High Court go-round for health law

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court is wading into its fourth dispute over President Barack Obama’s 5-year-old health care overhaul. The latest “Obamacare” case involves objections by faith-based hospitals, colleges and charities to the process the administration devised to spare ...

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Deadline to clear up health law eligibility near

In this file photo, Rosemary Cabelo uses a computer at a public library to access the Affordable Health Care Act website in San Antonio. The Government Accountability Office said announced that its counterfeit characters were re-enrolled by Obamacare, signaling that the website does not seem to be set up to detect fraud, a GAO spokesperson said in a statement. AP Images

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of thousands of people who signed up under the new health care law risk losing their taxpayer-subsidized insurance unless they act quickly to resolve questions about their citizenship or immigration status. The government warned on Tuesday that ...

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Health care law has uneven impact on companies

Sara Rodriguez looks over an Affordable Care Act brochure in Houston. Rodriguez says she can’t afford insurance, even for $50 a month. With two young children and barely $400 of disposable income a month, she struggles to feed her family. AP Images

Sarah Curtis-Fawley will have to offer insurance to her workers at Pacific Pie Co. because of the health care overhaul, and the estimated $100,000 cost means she may have to raise prices or postpone opening a third restaurant. On the ...

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No emergency stay for Obamacare

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court has refused a group of doctors’ request to block implementation of the nation’s new health care law. Chief Justice John Roberts turned away without comment Monday an emergency stay request from the Association of ...

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What’s next for health care law?

Cutline: Shown is the website, where people can buy health insurance. Being uninsured in America will cost you more in 2015 – all taxpayers have to report to the Internal Revenue Service for the first time whether or not they had health insurance the previous year. Most will check a box. It’s also when the IRS starts collecting fines from some uninsured people, and deciding if others qualify for exemptions. AP Images

WASHINGTON — Whether you love it or hate it or are just plain confused by it, you’ve got to give the health care law this much: There’s plenty of drama. The nail biting goes on. As the clock ticks toward ...

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Under fire, ‘Obamacare’ goes live, with glitches

WASHINGTON — Contentious from its conception, President Barack Obama’s health care law has survived the U.S. Supreme Court, a battle for the White House and rounds of budget brinkmanship. Now comes the ultimate test: the verdict of the American people. ...

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Applying for health insurance? Homework is involved

This file photo shows the short form for the new federal Affordable Care Act application in Washington. Getting covered through President Barack Obama’s health care law might feel like a combination of doing your taxes and making a big purchase that requires some research.  AP Images

WASHINGTON — Getting covered through President Barack Obama’s health care law might feel like a combination of doing your taxes and making a big purchase that requires research. You’ll need accurate income information for your household, plus some understanding of ...

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Early look at health law’s premiums

WASHINGTON — It’s the No. 1 question about President Barack Obama’s health care law: Will consumers be able to afford the coverage? Now the answer is coming in. The biggest study yet of premiums posted by states finds that the ...

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Key element of new health care law delayed

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s health care law, hailed as his most significant legislative achievement, seems to be losing much of its sweep. This week the administration unexpectedly announced a one-year delay, until after the 2014 elections, in a central ...

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