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Housing market ‘steady Eddie’ in Rochester

The housing market in Rochester remains steady with increased sales of new homes, home building in demand, and low mortgage rates, officials said Thursday. But 2017 has presented some challenges to home building—mainly weather. “We’re status quo,” said Rick Herman, ...

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Growing interest leaves homebuilders less gloomy

WASHINGTON — U.S. homebuilders are growing a little less pessimistic about the depressed housing market after seeing more people say they might be open to buying a home this year. The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo builder sentiment index ...

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U.S. homebuilders remain pessimistic in August

WASHINGTON — U.S. homebuilders are just as pessimistic about the depressed housing market as they were two years ago. The National Association of Home Builders said Monday that its index of builder sentiment in August was unchanged at 15.

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Homebuilders hope for a better year in 2011

A sharp drop in area fourth-quarter housing sales is being called more traditional, compared to 2009 data that was spurred by the federal Home Buyer Tax Credit. Year-end and fourth-quarter statistics on the regional ...

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