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House to reject debt limit increase without cuts

WASHINGTON — The GOP-led House is poised to reject a bill Tuesday to increase the nation’s debt limit without the big spending cuts that Republicans are demanding. The move is intended as an embarrassing reminder to Democrats that increasing the government’s ability to borrow is tied to such reductions.

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Lawmakers seek to ban mandatory arbitration clauses

Taking aim at a U.S. Supreme Court ruling they say strips workers and consumers of their right to redress against powerful corporations, lawmakers in both houses have reintroduced the Arbitration Fairness Act, which would bar pre-dispute mandatory arbitration clauses in consumer and employment contracts and in civil rights disputes.

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Lawmakers begin merging Wall St bills

WASHINGTON, D.C. — House and Senate lawmakers last week began assembling a massive financial regulation bill on Thursday, dividing sharply along partisan lines as Democrats vowed to fend off efforts to weaken its major provisions.

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Lobbyists still looking for loopholes

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Auto dealers and insurance companies sought help from the Senate on Monday to ease the reach of financial regulations, part of a last lobbying thrust as the House and Senate assemble legislation for President Barack Obama’s signature.

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