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HR Connection: A new lesson in ADA compliance

Something that I believe sets me apart from others in the HR consulting arena is my ability to relate to the business challenges my clients face. In addition to the HR and regulatory compliance challenges, I know the difficulties of ...

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HR Connection: A must-read book…part 2

Let’s think about what’s happened since my last article, “A must-read book with sex, drugs and some unexpected twists.” Summer has officially started, the school year is over and you may have even gone on vacation. If you’ve found your ...

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HR Connection: Sexual harassment prevention training among new requirements for NY employers

#WeinsteinEffect. #MeToo. #TIMESUP. For many of us, these have become part of our daily lexicon: modern identifiers for a primordial problem. They are beacons used to focus attention on the scourge of sexual harassment and misconduct that, in various forms, ...

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