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Nov 26, 2018

 ‘These children are barefoot. In diapers. Choking on tear gas.’

A little girl from Honduras stares into the camera, her young features contorted in anguish. She’s barefoot, dusty and clad only in a diaper and T-shirt. And she’s just had to run from clouds of choking tear gas fired across the border by U.S. agents. A second photograph, which also circulated widely and rapidly on […]

Nov 21, 2018

Trump lashes out at judge after order to allow illegal border crossers to seek asylum

WASHINGTON – The Trump administration must once again process asylum claims from migrants apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border, a bitter blow for a president who has waged an all-out effort – including the deployment of thousands of military troops – to stanch the flow of Central American families into the country. President Donald Trump lashed […]

Nov 20, 2018

Federal judge blocks asylum ban for migrants who enter illegally from Mexico

A federal judge temporarily blocked the Trump administration from denying asylum to migrants who illegally cross the southern border into the United States, saying the policy likely violated federal law on asylum eligibility. In a ruling late Monday, Jon S. Tigar of the U.S. District Court in San Francisco issued a temporary nationwide restraining order […]

Oct 19, 2018

Nearly 250 migrant children still separated from parents, ACLU report says

WASHINGTON – Nearly four months after a federal judge ordered the Trump administration to reunite families separated at the border, 245 children remain in government custody, according to a new analysis of government data by the American Civil Liberties Union. The parents of 175 of the children have been deported, the report says, and 125 […]

Oct 16, 2018

New York judge orders release of Honduran toddler to his father

NEW YORK (AP) — A judge ordered on Monday the immediate release of a 2-year old Honduran boy that was separated from his father at the border more than five months ago, calling the separation of the two “the most cruel of all cruelties.” The boy, only identified as D.J.C.V. at a hearing in federal […]

Aug 10, 2018

Meet the newest US citizens: Melania Trump’s parents

NEW YORK (AP) — First lady Melania Trump’s parents were sworn in as U.S. citizens on Thursday, completing a legal path to citizenship that their son-in-law has suggested eliminating. Viktor and Amalija Knavs, both in their 70s, took the citizenship oath at a private ceremony in New York City. The Slovenian immigrants, a former car […]

Aug 3, 2018

Trump administration puts burden on ACLU to find deported parents separated from children

The U.S. government has deported hundreds of migrant parents without their children in the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s now-defunct family separation policy. But now administration officials are arguing that it’s the responsibility of the American Civil Liberties Union, not the federal government, to find those deported mothers and fathers. Justice Department lawyers wrote in [...]

Aug 2, 2018

Judge calls ‘zero tolerance’ immigration policy ‘cruel’

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York judge who ordered an Ecuadorean immigrant who delivered pizza to an Army installation freed from an immigration detention camp said Wednesday that the government was applying its “zero tolerance” policy toward illegal entry in a “thoughtless and cruel” manner. U.S. District Judge Paul Crotty explained in a written […]

Aug 1, 2018

Lawsuit says families separated by Trump should get more time to seek asylum

The Trump administration is facing a new challenge to its controversial separation of thousands of migrant children from their parents, with lawyers arguing that those families have not had adequate opportunity to seek asylum in the United States. A federal judge in California last month ordered the government to reunite the families – a process […]

Jul 31, 2018

Trump administration must stop giving psychotropic drugs to migrant children without consent, judge rules

A federal judge on Monday found that U.S. government officials have been giving psychotropic medication to migrant children at a Texas facility without first seeking the consent of their parents or guardians, in violation of state child welfare laws. U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee in Los Angeles ordered the Trump administration to obtain consent or […]

Jul 26, 2018

ACLU claims migrant parents were mislead into waiving rights to family reunification

When immigration officials asked a Guatemalan father to sign a sheet of paper in English several weeks ago, he had no idea what it said. The man, a migrant who primarily speaks the Mayan language Akatek, knows no English, barely understands Spanish and is completely illiterate, according to his lawyer. But he is clear about […]

Jul 25, 2018

‘Is there any concept of justice?’: Outraged judge blocks deportation of pizza deliveryman

A federal judge ordered the immediate release of a New York City pizza deliveryman from immigration custody Tuesday, calling the undocumented Ecuadoran immigrant a “model citizen” and pointedly questioning the U.S. government’s desire to immediately deport him. Pablo Villavicencio, father of two U.S. citizens, was arrested June 1 while delivering pasta to a Brooklyn military [&he[...]

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