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Have a question? Ask Ruth Balkin


Have you ever had to find an heir overseas to help settle an estate? Or, as a business owner, have you wanted to find out a little more about a prospective client? Enter Ruth Balkin, owner and operator of Balkin ...

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CrimeStoppers to boost presence

Rochester Area CrimeStoppers are stepping up efforts to increase public awareness and encourage support by hosting a series of information tables at local malls. Representatives from local law enforcement and volunteers ...

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Senate examines privacy and cloud computing

Should the government meet the same legal standard when obtaining digital information stored on third party servers - including the contents of messages sent through web-based email providers - as when seizing information stored at a suspect’s physical home or office?

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SEC using new investigation technique

Rewarding targets of an investigation for their cooperation may be standard procedure for prosecutors but it’s relatively new for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Speaking at the Rocky Mountain Securities Conference in Denver in early May ...

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U.S. tries to contain damage from leaked documents

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Bristling over the unauthorized release of more than a quarter million classified State Department documents, the Obama White House on Monday ordered a government-wide review of how agencies safeguard sensitive information.

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