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Insurers predict spike in health exchange use

ALBANY — Two start-up insurers in the New York health exchange, one promising unlimited telemedicine, say customer queries have been rising rapidly and they expect enrollment spikes by the new Dec. 23 deadline for coverage next year. The state reports ...

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Government, insurers to tackle health care fraud

WASHINGTON — The government is stepping up efforts to tackle health care fraud by scrutinizing claims data from insurers and federal programs in hopes of weeding out bogus billing.   Details of the initiative were to be announced Thursday at ...

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State directs insurers to pay unclaimed proceeds

New regulations, put in place by the state Department of Financial Services, require all life insurers doing business in New York to regularly search a government list of recent deaths to identify deceased policyholders and then find and pay beneficiaries ...

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Gov’t panel issues mixed final verdict on bailouts

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The government's bailout of banks, auto makers and insurers helped prevent a more severe economic crisis, but might have sowed the seeds of the next one, a congressional watchdog group said Wednesday in its final report.

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