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IP Frontiers: Who says you can’t buy me love?


The celebration of Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or The Feast of Saint Valentine, is upon us. That time of year when love is in the air, and all things red and heart-shaped adorn every store window. ...

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IP Frontiers: Spotify center stage in digital music debate

When megastar Taylor Swift released her latest album, 1989, at the end of October, she also took that opportunity to announce that she was removing her entire song catalog from Spotify, a popular digital music streaming service. Swift justified her ...

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IP Frontiers: Red Bull (does not) give you wings

Red Bull GmbH has agreed to pay more than $13 million to settle a class action lawsuit that alleges false advertising in connection with its energy drinks. The class action was brought by lead plaintiff Benjamin Careathers on Jan. 16, ...

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IP Frontiers: The fate of computer-related inventions


  Alice Corporation is the owner of several patents directed to mitigating, using a computer as a third-party intermediary, the risk that one of the parties to an agreed-upon financial exchange between two parties will fail to satisfy its obligation. ...

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IP Frontiers: Open source expands to kale, quinoa and cars

What do plant seeds, cars and software all have in common? The answer is open source, which has expanded from software to include these and other disparate technologies. Recently announced open source plant seeds and open source electric car patents ...

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IP Frontiers: Filing a federal trademark app – it’s easy, right?


You are incorporating a business for one of your clients and have several corporate names rejected by NY State Department of State because they are “indistinguishable” from a pre-existing corporate name. Eventually, you get one through. Success! Your client then ...

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IP Frontiers: Ruling on copyright protection of software designs

Even as the Supreme Court grapples with patent protection of computer software, a decision in a recent case by a key federal appeals court may enhance copyright protection of software designs. In Oracle v. Google, decided May 9, the United ...

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IP Frontiers: POM Wonderful — the Lanham Act vs. the FDA


For a number of years, POM Wonderful, LLC, a privately held but seemingly well-funded company, given that it was founded by billionaires in 2002 and has arguably been litigious since its inception, has been embarking on a unique strategy to ...

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IP Frontiers: Blocking patents via third-party preissuance submissions

The America Invents Act introduced procedures that allow parties to submit prior art to challenge competitors’ U.S. patent applications. Parties have already begun to advantageously incorporate these procedures into their intellectual property strategies. Pre-AIA, prior art submission timing was considerably ...

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