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Chief justice asks: Is ‘OK boomer’ ageist?

The 64-year-old leader of the Supreme Court posed a question on Wednesday that some in his generation have been asking for months: Does saying “OK boomer” count as age discrimination? If the query hadn’t been an earnest attempt to test ...

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Chief Justice Roberts laments having to do Congress’ job

Interviewing Chief Justice John Roberts during an event at Manhattan’s Temple Emanu-El on Monday night, Rabbi Mark Lipson offered a critique of the legislative and executive branches that counterbalance Roberts’ court. “Every time I attend a case, I walk away ...

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Roberts again sides with liberals in disagreeing with lower court interpretations

WASHINGTON – For the second time in as many weeks, Chief Justice John Roberts has sided with liberal Supreme Court justices to disagree with how lower courts have interpreted Supreme Court precedent. On Tuesday, Roberts was pointed in saying the ...

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Legal experts call for more accountability, openness on misconduct complaints

Law clerks, ethics professors and advocates of court transparency pressed Tuesday for greater disclosure and accountability about misconduct complaints against federal judges who wield tremendous power in insular courthouses throughout the country. Chief Justice John Roberts proposed revamping the disciplinary ...

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Roberts assures audience Supreme Court will serve ‘one nation,’ not one party or interest

MINNEAPOLIS — Chief Justice John Roberts for the first time Tuesday addressed the recent bitter partisan fight over new Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court, seeking to “assure” an audience that the court will serve “one nation” and not ...

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SCOTUS Chief Justice says courts will examine sexual harassment protections

WASHINGTON – Chief Justice John Roberts announced an initiative Sunday to ensure there are proper procedures in place to protect law clerks and other court employees from sexual harassment, saying it is clear that the federal judiciary “is not immune” ...

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