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Tag Archives: Justice Antonin G. Scalia

Play brings Scalia to the stage

WASHINGTON — Actor Edward Gero has spent a lot of time in court over the past year — the U.S. Supreme Court to be exact — watching, studying and listening to one justice in particular, seeing how he behaves. Justice ...

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Scalia and Garner, political odd couple

Law professor Bryan Garner may have written two books with Justice Antonin G. Scalia. But politically the two don’t always see eye-to-eye, Garner said. “I will tell you that my political beliefs are different from those of Justice Scalia,” Garner ...

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Scalia the SNOOT

Justice Antonin G. Scalia, who recently revealed his annoyance at flight attendants who fail to properly use verbs in the subjunctive mood, shed some light on why he’s such a stickler for proper grammar. “I had a lot of background ...

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