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Justice Clarence Thomas

Nov 1, 2016

After 25 years, supporters praise Thomas, but controversy often near

Justice Clarence Thomas marked 25 years on the Supreme Court last week, and if he remains for another dozen or so, he could become the longest-serving member in the court’s history. But the unofficial title of the court’s most polarizing justice seems his to keep regardless of tenure. Dedicated supporters are determined that the 68-year-old […]

Nov 14, 2014

Supreme Court Notebook: Thomas hints at split

WASHINGTON — Justice Clarence Thomas is suggesting that the U.S. Supreme Court was divided over whether to hear the gay marriage cases the justices rejected last month. Justice Thomas offered a peek late last week at what happened behind the scenes when the court turned away appeals from Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin on […]

Apr 11, 2013

Justice Thomas talks about breaking his silence

Justice Clarence Thomas made headlines when he broke his self-imposed code of silence during oral arguments in January. But apparently, he was unaware of the buzz his rare remark created. When a student asked Justice Thomas, who was speaking this week at Duquesne University, what he thought of the media’s attention to his broken silence, Justice Thomas said […]

Jan 24, 2013

Mystery solved: What Justice Thomas said

Brace yourselves: The simmering mystery over the words Justice Clarence Thomas used to break his nearly seven-year silence during oral arguments has been solved! The U.S. Supreme Court has published the final — and revised – transcript from oral arguments in the ineffective assistance case Boyer v. Louisiana revealing the joke Justice Thomas cracked in […]

Sep 17, 2012

Thomas discusses equality, court dynamics

Justice Clarence Thomas, speaking at an event in Washington honoring the 225th anniversary of the Constitution, said growing up in segregated Georgia never effected his self esteem “because from day one, we knew we were equal.” “It said so,” Justice Thomas said. “The nuns said so, my grandfather said so, and by golly, the Declaration […]

Feb 28, 2012

Could Justice Thomas be the game changer?

 With no clear frontrunner in the GOP presidential primary race, some are saying the contest could go all the way to the convention. And if no clear winner is chosen by the delegates on their first vote, support could be thrown behind an entirely new candidate, such as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Florida […]

Nov 1, 2011

Stevens defends Thomas

Retired Justice John Paul Stevens defended his former Supreme Court colleague Justice Clarence Thomas, who is under fire from some members of Congress who want Justice Thomas investigated on conflict-of-interest charges.

Sep 20, 2011

Justice Thomas: Court is too powerful and bicoastal

The Supreme Court is too powerful, and could benefit from justices from places other than the East and West coasts, Justice Clarence Thomas said last week. Some of the issues that the nine justices settle would be better hashed out by lawmakers ...

Jun 21, 2011

Justice Thomas’ friendship with GOP donor raises more ethical questions

The exit from Congress of one of Justice Clarence Thomas’s most vocal critics has not stopped ethical questions from being raised about the Supreme Court justice’s associations. In January, liberal lobbying group Common Cause asked the Justice Department ...

May 19, 2011

Justice Thomas fires back at Supreme Court critics

Calling them either illiterate or lazy, Justice Clarence Thomas lashed out against critics of the U.S. Supreme Court during a speech this week in his home state of Georgia. Speaking at an Augusta Bar Association event ...

Mar 1, 2011

Justice Clarence Thomas lashes out at critics

Justice Clarence Thomas may have reached a silent milestone on Supreme Court the bench last week, but the justice was quite vocal during a speaking engagement Saturday, lashing out at critics who question his impartiality and warning that the Constitution — and the country — are being threatened.

Feb 22, 2011

Justice Thomas hits five years of silence during oral arguments

It was an anniversary of sorts for the U.S. Supreme Court: The last time Justice Clarence Thomas made a comment or asked a question during oral arguments at the Court was Feb. 22, 2006, five years ago.

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