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Oct 8, 2014

Justices signal support for beard

WASHINGTON — U.S. Supreme Court justices appeared united Tuesday as they picked apart prison rules in Arkansas that allow full Afros and mustaches, but no beards, in a case about a Muslim inmate’s claim that his religious beliefs require that he be allowed to keep a half-inch beard. The court heard arguments in its first […]

May 13, 2013

Justices more diverse than lawyers before court

WASHINGTON — In roughly 75 hours of arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court since October, only one African-American lawyer appeared before the justices, and for just over 11 minutes. The numbers were marginally better for Hispanic lawyers. Four of them argued for a total of 1 hour, 45 minutes. Women were better represented, accounting for […]

Feb 28, 2012

Justices hear case over suits for overseas abuses

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative justices sounded skeptical Tuesday about allowing multinational corporations to be sued in American courts over claims that they were complicit in human rights abuses in foreign countries. The court heard arguments over whether a 223-year-old law gives foreign victims of abuses the right to use U.S. courts to […]

Feb 15, 2012

Justices disciplined

The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct released public censures Wednesday in unrelated cases against a village court justice in Dutchess County and a town court justice in Jefferson County.  The commission determined that Robert P. Apple, a Pawling Village Court justice, should be censured for driving after consuming alcohol in excess of the […]

Jan 5, 2012

In year-end report, Roberts aims at recusal critics

Chief Justice John G. Roberts used his annual year-end report to rebuff assertions by critics that some justices of the U.S. Supreme Court have flouted their ethical obligations by deciding not to recuse themselves from certain cases. “I have complete confidence in the capability of my colleagues to determine when recusal is warranted,” Chief Justice […]

Oct 24, 2011

SCOTUS asked to OK protests at SCOTUS

The issue of whether the First Amendment allows protests on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court will soon land before the justices. Members of a group arrested in 2008 after protesting the Guantanamo Bay detention camp on the steps of the Supreme Court will ask that very court to rule that the arrests violated their free speech rights.

Oct 4, 2011

State supreme court races in the 4th Dept.

The only contested races for state Supreme Court justice in the Fourth Department are in the Fifth Judicial District, where nine candidates are running for four seats. Some are switching minor party designations and four are apparently about to be served with a lawsuit questioning ...

Sep 9, 2011

Ginsburg the wealthiest Supreme Court justice

She may not pull in a lot of laughs during oral arguments, but Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is laughing all the way to the bank as the court’s wealthiest U.S. Supreme Court justice by a long shot, according to a new analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Jun 21, 2011

Garner continues work with justices, legal writing

Even though he’s known as the guru of legal writing, it wasn’t easy for Bryan Garner to gain the confidence of the U.S. Supreme Court justices he interviewed about writing and advocacy. He was initially rebuffed by Justice Clarence Thomas ...

Jun 17, 2011

Author profiles Supreme Court justices

Whether they know it or not, most everyone knows Bryan Garner’s work. He is after all the editor of Blacks Law Dictionary (since 1995) and the author of numerous books and articles on legal writing. “He’s prolific. He’s the guru of legal writing,” according to David Voisinet ...

Jun 15, 2011

Justices using more words

As the October 2010 term draws nearer to its close, U.S. Supreme Court opinions are getting wordier. At the same time, the justices appear to be parsing those words much more by making frequent uses of dictionaries in their analyses.

Apr 6, 2011

Justices disciplined in Chenango County

The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct has determined that one town justice in Chenango County should be censured and another should leave office in connection with a traffic-ticket-fixing incident.

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