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Tag Archives: Karin Ciano

Commentary: Legal Writing Notebook: IRAC, meet SSTR

In our first year of law school we learn the building blocks of legal argument — the concept of reasoning from precedent, and the IRAC (Introduction, Rule, Application, Conclusion) formula that allows us to translate that reasoning into written analysis. ...

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Commentary: To write well, it helps to talk about it

“So you’re the grammar police now?” I’m not sure why, but when you start writing about writing, people get nervous. Well-spoken, trusted friends worry that you’ll suddenly start correcting their sentences in public: “Pssst … you just split your infinitive.” ...

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Commentary: One (1) confession of a serial enumerator

A reader recently asked, “Is there anything you can do to make lawyers and judges knock off the irritating (irritating) repetition of spelled-out numbers?” Thank you, dear reader, for your excellent question. About the judges? No. Lawyers, however, might want ...

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