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Tag Archives: Laurie A. Giordano

Advocate’s View: Assessing the transfer of risk and payments in personal injury and property damage claims

In construction disputes or other personal injury or property damage matters, counsel is often asked if the payment of alleged damages can be passed along to another entity or person. The typical legal avenues for passing along risk are contribution, ...

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Advocate’s View: Facing the issuance of out of state trial subpoenas

Two times during my career, I have witnessed opposing counsel issue traditional judicial trial subpoenas in a New York State Supreme Court proceeding outside New York state. The opposing attorneys did not avail themselves of the possible procedural avenues available ...

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Advocate’s View: Disclosure, interviews of corporate employee witnesses

CPLR 3101 requires the “full disclosure of all matter material and necessary in the prosecution or defense of an action.” Standard discovery demands almost always include a demand for the identification of witnesses and disclosure of the witnesses’ address or ...

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