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Attorney plans suit over claims by law school

With an 87 percent job placement rate for the Class of 2011, an education in law at Syracuse University College of Law looks like a pretty good investment. That’s the percentage of graduates the school’s website said are either employed ...

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Changes announced for legal education

New rules to provide more flexibility and expanded clinical opportunities for law school students will go into effect statewide April 1. The amendments to the educational requirements were announced Thursday by the Court of Appeals and the state Board of ...

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2011 was a tough year for law students

2011 was the year the angst amped up for law students and those considering law school. Despite a job market at record low levels, embarrassing revelations about inflated employment figures from some law schools, and intimidating statistics about law school ...

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Money-back guarantee … for law school?

Yale Law Professors Ian Ayres and Akhil Reed Amar probably did well in school, and they have good jobs. But not everyone fares so well, and many students graduate with little chance of earning enough to pay their loans. To ...

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LSAT under review by ABA

The Law School Admission Test, the long-held standard for admission to most American law schools, may no longer be required in a couple of years. A subcommittee of the American Bar Association’s Standards Review Committee ...

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Where the jobs are

Competition for a limited number of law schools in Canada means more students are heading south of the border. More than 1,000 Canadians have applied to U.S. law schools over the last few years, according to Wendy Margolis, director of Communications ...

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