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Why I skipped the bank and took a loan from my ‘peers’

In this file photo, a sheet of uncut $100 bills makes the way through the printing process at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing Western Currency Facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Associated Press reporter Ken Sweet borrowed $15,000 through a peer-to-peer loan, a rapidly expanding piece of the $3.4 trillion market for consumer debt, which includes credit cards and auto loans. AP Images

NEW YORK — When I realized I was paying off six different credit cards and not getting anywhere, I decided to consolidate my debt, like millions of other Americans. I visited my local bank, asked for a $15,000 loan but ...

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New program helps avoid foreclosure

The state is launching its New York State Mortgage Assistance Program, or NYS MAP, which will provide small loans to families struggling to avoid foreclosure. The loans will help families secure mortgage modifications to stay in their homes. Details were ...

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NYSBA offers loans for lawyers

Government and public interest lawyers burdened with large student loan debt can apply to the New York State Bar Association for grants to help repay those loans. To be eligible for grants from the Steven C. Krane Special Committee on ...

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Report: Countrywide won influence with discounts

WASHINGTON — The former Countrywide Financial Corp., whose subprime loans helped start the nation’s foreclosure crisis, made hundreds of discount loans to buy influence with members of Congress, congressional staff, top government officials and executives of troubled mortgage giant Fannie ...

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Foundation Financial reaches $4B milestone

Foundation Financial Group, which has an office in Rochester, reached another milestone recently by passing the $4 billion mark in loans funded. “Foundation Financial Group employees are highly qualified and motivated individuals and are responsible for this milestone and our ...

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Regional SBA loan figures improve

The Small Business Administration Buffalo District Office ended its fiscal year with higher loan figures than in 2010, increased lender participation and an Oct 11 visit by regional administrator Jorge Silva-Puras to Webster-based company, Datrose.

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ABA prez responds to accreditation concerns

In a strongly worded letter earlier this month to American Bar Association President Stephen N. Zack, Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley (R) asked the ABA to “account for its work on behalf of both law students and taxpayers."

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