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Tag Archives: Mary Jo S. Korona

Advocate’s View: The limits of the attorney-client privilege and the work product doctrine — the consequences of sharing otherwise privileged communications with outsiders

With greater frequency, clients expect, request and sometimes insist that non-lawyers, such as public relations firms, participate in in the litigation process. Responding to and managing these client expectations requires that the attorney be well-versed in the ways in which ...

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Advocate’s View: Responding to applications for pre-action disclosure CPLR 3201 (c)

Most discovery skirmishes arise after commencement of an action. On occasion, the battle is waged before an action is commenced, which brings into play CPLR §3201 (c). Pre-action discovery is available to aid in bringing an action, to preserve information ...

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Advocate’s View: The use of social media to learn about jurors and juror misconduct

The availability and lure of social media to quickly find information about individuals involved in the legal system, and in particular prospective or sitting jurors, can overshadow the need to be aware of the ethical considerations imposed by the New ...

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