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House OKs bipartisan Medicare doc bill

WASHINGTON — In uncommon bipartisan harmony, the House approved a $214 billion bill Thursday permanently blocking physician Medicare cuts, moving Congress closer to resolving a problem that has plagued it for years. The 392-37 House vote came on a package ...

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Obama ready to sign bill revamping Medicare doc fees

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama said Wednesday he’s ready to sign “good, bipartisan” legislation protecting physicians from steep cuts in Medicare reimbursements as Senate Democrats seemed to soften their opposition to the package. Obama’s remark, made a day before the ...

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Medicare ban on sex reassignment surgery lifted


SAN FRANCISCO — Medicare can no longer automatically deny coverage requests for sex reassignment surgeries, a federal board ruled Friday in a groundbreaking decision that recognizes the procedures are medically necessary for people who don’t identify with their biological sex. ...

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Medicare proposes PI settlement rules

Proposed rules on how future medical bills in personal injury settlements should be handled to protect the interests of Medicare have been released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. New reporting requirements have ushered in a regime in ...

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Medicare disruptions seen if health care law is struck down

WASHINGTON — Medicare’s payment system, the unseen but vital network that handles 100 million monthly claims, could freeze up if President Barack Obama’s health care law is summarily overturned, the administration has quietly informed the courts. Although Obama’s overhaul made ...

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Medicare anti-fraud effort disappoints

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Launched last summer, a $77 million computer system to stop Medicare fraud before it happens had prevented just one suspicious payment by Christmas. That saved taxpayers exactly $7,591. Hoping for much better results, a disappointed Sen. Tom ...

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Second Circuit — Medical Insurance: Metz v. United States Life Insurance Company

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Medical Insurance Medicare – “Incurred” Metz v. United States Life Insurance Company 10-4305-cv Judges Walker, Straub and Livingston Background: The appellant had sued the defendant for failing to pay insurance benefits to ...

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Settlement reporting guidance limited

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has made some changes to help lawyers settle personal injury cases and address “secondary payer” reimbursement to Medicare. As of Oct. 1, liability insurers are obligated to collect data on personal injury settlements ...

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Reporting deadline for PI settlements unites trial foes

A looming deadline that will require reporting of personal injury settlements to Medicare has united trial lawyers who are normally adversaries in personal injury cases. Under rules designed to protect Medicare’s lien on medical bills ...

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