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Ontario County DA retiring

Retirement is only about nine weeks away for Ontario County District Attorney Michael Tantillo, but it would be a mistake to say his career is “winding down.” A little less than two weeks ago, Tantillo won robbery and assault convictions against two men charged in a home invasion case. Dec. 31 is officially his last day on the job, but Tantillo is still taking on new cases and he expects to try three or four before the end of the year. After 38 years as a prosecutor and 28 as DA, Tantillo said he “really felt like the time has come to let somebody else take over.”

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Court of Appeals puts trial-prep exception ‘on the radar screen’

A recent decision by the state Court of Appeals could change the way some prosecutors get ready for trial. Until now, a prosecutor could show a witness a picture of a defendant shortly before testifying. Usually the practice has not ...

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