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Sale of liquid nicotine to minors banned

ALBANY (AP) — New York has prohibited the sale of liquid nicotine to minors and required childproof containers for the substance to prevent poisonings. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the measure into law Monday. Liquid nicotine is used in electronic cigarettes. ...

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Cyberbullying law enacted in Erie Co.

Cyberbullying, or the use of an electronic device for harassing or bullying a minor or student, is now an unclassified misdemeanor in Erie County, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and/or up to one year in prison. Erie ...

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Court: California can’t ban violent video games from sale, rental

WASHINGTON , D.C. — The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to let California regulate the sale or rental of violent video games to children, saying governments do not have the power to “restrict the ideas to which children may be exposed” despite complaints about graphic violence.

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Negligent Supervision: Aquino v. Higgins

New York State Court of Appeals Negligent Supervision Alcohol — Minors Aquino v. Higgins No. 189 Appealed from the Fourth Department Background: Defendants the Higgins, a married couple, were sued for negligent supervision following an incident where certain minors became ...

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