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Money Management: Perpetual conflict – investments and the global economy

Geopolitical risk is always present in today’s globally linked economy. Investors have been attracted to the emerging market sector in the last decade considering their momentum of economic growth and their significant contribution to global GDP of approximately 50 percent ...

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Money Management: What to know when investing in frontier markets

Frontier markets are normally described as burgeoning countries with an antiquated infrastructure, a low standard of living, a highly unskilled labor force and a fragile political system. Often times, political risks outweigh the financial risk investors are willing to assume. ...

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Money Management: Cyprus, read between the lines

Often times in economic history we introspectively reminisce about the beginning of a dramatic perception change that alters the course of earlier intended directions. For example, a succession of rate hikes ultimately thwarted the housing boom in 2007. The first ...

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