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Money Management: How to judge investment management

I believe the only way to judge the investment management of your assets is through analyzing your total returns: (1) adjusted for risk; and (2) net of all fees and expenses. Additionally, in this assessment, your returns should be evaluated ...

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Money Management: Year end investment checklist

As we approach the end of 2019 there is still time for some very important financial and investment planning items before the calendar turns to 2020. Here are a few to consider if you have not done so already: 1) ...

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Money Management Municipal bond funds offer unique advantages

Municipal bond funds offer several advantages to individual bonds. One powerful yet little understood advantage has to do with amortizing bond premiums, and results in higher after tax returns for fund investors versus individual bond investors. And in today’s environment ...

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Money Management: Now is a good time to consider alternative investment strategies

 Negative yielding bonds overseas, coupled with slowing growth due to the trade war with China and a dovish Fed, have pushed long-dated Treasury yields to historically low levels[1]. Investors searching for income have gravitated toward the defensive sectors of the ...

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Money Management: Rumblings in the bond market

On July 31 the Federal Open Market Committee cut the Federal Funds Rate range from 2.25%-2.5% by 25 basis points to 2%-2.25% (Source: This marked the first cut in the face of nine rate hikes that started in December ...

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