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Judge says Lake Erie shipwreck belongs to state

BUFFALO — A 19th century schooner that lies at the bottom of Lake Erie belongs to New York state, not the salvagers who found it and want to raise and preserve it as a tourist attraction, a federal judge ruled.

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Same-sex marriage recognized in N.Y. probate case

A same-sex marriage valid under Canadian law must be recognized in a state probate case disposing of one of the spouse's assets, a New York appellate court has ruled in affirming judgment. The defendant and the decedent were married in Canada ...

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Redistricting likely to cost NY two more seats

It’s a fact: New York state isn’t growing much, and because of that lack of growth, the state has lost 16 congressional seats since 1950. Based on 2010 U.S. Census figures, the state is going to lose even more in 2012 when the seats are up for reelection.

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Lee just the latest NY political scandal

Former Rep. Eric Massa and his tickle fights are so 2010. Eliot Spitzer? He’s two governors ago. With the shirtless photo sent to a woman he was trying to woo online, Rep. Chris Lee is the latest in a string of New York politicians whose misdeeds have riveted national attention.

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The high price of supervision

It costs the State of New York and its counties a lot of money to supervise people placed on probation. To help defray some of those costs, more counties are charging a monthly administration fee. The fee is supposed to be waived for indigent defendants ...

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