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House bill would end NSA phone collection

WASHINGTON — House leaders have reached a bipartisan compromise on a bill that would end the National Security Agency’s controversial collection of American phone records, but the measure faces an uncertain future in the Senate. The House Judiciary Committee on ...

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NSA weighed ending phone program before leak


WASHINGTON — The National Security Agency considered abandoning its secret program to collect and store American calling records in the months before leaker Edward Snowden revealed the practice, current and former intelligence officials say, because some officials believed the costs ...

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Appeals court takes on NSA surveillance case

WASHINGTON — Three federal appeals court judges struggled Tuesday over whether the National Security Agency’s phone data surveillance program is an intelligence-gathering tool that makes the nation safer or an intrusive threat that endangers privacy. The judges — all appointed ...

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NSA surveillance limits: The focus turns to courts

WASHINGTON — While Congress mulls how to curtail the NSA’s collection of Americans’ telephone records, impatient civil liberties groups are looking to legal challenges already underway in the courts to limit government surveillance powers. Three appeals courts are hearing lawsuits ...

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Panel endorses some NSA Internet surveillance


WASHINGTON — A bipartisan privacy board on Wednesday unanimously adopted its report that endorses some of the National Security Agency’s Internet surveillance programs. The programs provoked worldwide controversy when they were revealed last year by news organizations after leaks from ...

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