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NYS Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics

Oct 24, 2011

Character Reference: Opinion 10-17

NYS Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics Character Reference Appearance of Impropriety Opinion 10-17 Background: A part-time judge asked whether he may be a character reference for a friend applying for a pistol permit. The judge states that the application must include four letters of recommendation. Opinion: A part-time town justice may not serve, voluntarily, as […]

Oct 17, 2011

Disqualification: Opinion 10-70

NYS Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics Disqualification Prior Juror Communications Opinion 10-70 Background: The inquiring judge recently presided over a jury trial during which he questioned prospective jurors during voir dire. One of the jurors became a defendant in an unrelated matter after the trial was concluded. The judge disclosed this information to the attorneys. […]

Oct 17, 2011

Extra Judicial Activities: Opinion 10-77

NYS Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics Extra Judicial Activities Corporate Officer Opinion 10-77 Background: An attorney waiting on confirmation of his appointment to judicial office inquires as to whether he may serve as an officer of family corporations after assuming the bench. The inquirer is an equal shareholder with close relatives of closely held corporations that […]

Oct 13, 2011

Campaign Participation: In-Court Negotiations

NYS Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics Campaign Participation In-Court Negotiations Opinion 10-83 Background: The inquiring judge sent two unrelated questions for consideration. The first involved the judge’s interest in helping candidates for legislative office by assisting the candidates with their nominating petitions. Specifically, the judge would like to organize petition routes, supervi[...]

Sep 8, 2011

Part-Time Judge: Opinion 09-99

NYS Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics Part-Time Judge Community Service Boards Opinion 09-99 Background: The inquirer seeks to serve on a county community services board in the county where the judge presides. The service board is a planning agency for the overall provision of mental health related services in the county, including alcohol and substance abuse services. […]

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