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Courts weigh in on social media discovery

Lawyers still making their way along the learning curve of social media evidence may struggle to find guidance from court opinions. But two recent decisions with different results offer some clues on how to narrowly focus a discovery request to ...

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Reaction to the Supreme Court ruling

“… I am pleased the Supreme Court upheld this law. We will continue to move forward with implementing the health exchange that will lower coverage costs for New York’s businesses and help ensure that uninsured New Yorkers have access to ...

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Justices using more words

As the October 2010 term draws nearer to its close, U.S. Supreme Court opinions are getting wordier. At the same time, the justices appear to be parsing those words much more by making frequent uses of dictionaries in their analyses.

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Consensus reigns in high court’s early decisions

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A couple of angry dissents aside, the Supreme Court has shown a remarkable degree of consensus in the nearly two dozen opinions issued so far this term. Fifteen of the 23 decisions have been unanimous and four have drawn just one dissenting vote.

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Breyer: Judges can read what they want

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The debate over whether the Supreme Court should look to foreign law when interpreting the U.S. Constitution is ultimately irrelevant because justices can read whatever they want when they are formulating their opinions, Justice Stephen Breyer said Wednesday.

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