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An onslaught of pills, hundreds of thousands of deaths: Who is accountable?

The origin, evolution and astonishing scale of America’s catastrophic opioid epidemic just got a lot clearer. The drug industry – the pill manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers – found it profitable to flood some of the most vulnerable communities in America ...

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Lawyers zero in on drug companies amid opioid epidemic

For two decades, as 200,000 opioid overdose deaths piled up across America, there was always someone else to blame. Families blamed drug companies. Drug companies blamed doctors. Everyone blamed the government. More than half the public continues to see drug ...

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Opioid evangelist switches sides in case alleging pharma abuse

A doctor who was an early evangelist for increased use of highly addictive opioids like OxyContin to treat chronic pain — and who was paid to promote the idea — has switched sides and now says drug makers helped to ...

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New York expanding mobile addiction treatment service

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York state is expanding a mobile addiction treatment services that uses upgraded vehicles to provide house calls to communities hard hit by the opioid epidemic. Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced more than $1.6 million in ...

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FDA chief wants more mail inspectors to stem opioid influx

NEW YORK (AP) — The head of the Food and Drug Administration wants to more than double the number of packages his agency inspects for illicit drugs, an effort to stem a deadly flow of opioids that increasingly runs through ...

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Justice Department to target opioid manufacturers, distributors to curb epidemic

WASHINGTON – Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Tuesday that a new task force would target drug manufacturers and distributors for their roles in the opioid epidemic, raising the possibility of filing criminal charges against them. The Justice Department also filed ...

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