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Paul Leclair

Jan 20, 2023

Paul Leclair named fellow of the New York Bar Foundation

Paul Leclair, founding partner of Adams Leclair LLP, has been named a fellow of the New York Bar Foundation.

Jan 24, 2019

Advocate’s View: Suing employees for negligence?

The client was furious. While making a delivery, his employee of many years was involved in a trucking accident. No one was injured, and the accident did not cause third-party property damage. The driver had driven off the road over the river and into the woods. The accident destroyed the manufactured products of an entire […]

May 3, 2018

Advocate’s View: Forging ahead to the future despite serious personal problems

Attorneys help their clients forge a path to the future, and nothing is as affirming as when a client says their attorney gave them hope in what was an otherwise indecipherable dilemma. Helping people with problems is what attorneys do. Sometimes, though, attorneys have their own serious problems and are unable to find their way. […]

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