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FERC: JPMorgan owes $410M

WASHINGTON — JPMorgan Chase & Co. agreed to pay $410 million in penalties on Tuesday to settle accusations by U.S. energy regulators that it manipulated electricity prices. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said the bank used improper bidding strategies to ...

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Court throws out FCC penalties for cursing, nudity

WASHINGTON — Broadcasters anticipating a major constitutional ruling on the government’s authority to regulate what can be shown and said on the airwaves instead won only the smallest of U.S. Supreme Court victories Thursday. The justices unanimously threw out fines ...

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New York law eyes off-the-books frauds

Harsh penalties, including jail time, await violators of a new state law targeting “misclassified” construction workers. Citing millions of dollars in lost tax revenues and the high cost of supporting the uninsured ...

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Feds step up immigration sanctions

As federal officials step up enforcement actions against employers for failing to comply with laws requiring them to verify the employment eligibility of their workers, companies should be aware that they could face fines and other penalties — even if they’ve never hired an illegal worker.

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Bill would double Medicare fraud penalties

MIAMI — Medicare fraud suspects would face longer prison sentences under a U.S. House bill proposed Tuesday that also advocates biotechnology such as fingerprint scanning to ensure patients are getting the goods the government is billed for.

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