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Pentagon leader appeals to Trump to allow military justice cases to proceed unfettered

WASHINGTON – Defense Secretary Mark Esper appealed to President Donald Trump this week to allow the military justice system to proceed unfettered in a number of high-profile cases, officials said, as concern intensifies among Pentagon leaders that presidential intervention could ...

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Pentagon accused of withholding information about sex crimes

WASHINGTON — In a scathing critique of the Defense Department’s efforts to curb sexual assaults, a U.S. senator warned Monday that the true scope of sex-related violence in the military communities is “vastly underreported” and that victims continue to struggle ...

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Family awaits details of soldier’s death

TONAWANDA — The Pentagon says a 26-year-old married father from the Buffalo was one of two American soldiers killed by small arms fire in Afghanistan. The Department of Defense on Tuesday confirmed the deaths ...

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Pricey jet engine tests budget cutters’ resolve

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A showdown looming, Defense Secretary Robert Gates urged Congress to cancel a costly alternative engine for the Pentagon's next-generation fighter jet Wednesday and vowed to explore "all available legal options" to stop production if lawmakers won't.

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WikiLeaks near release of secret war docs

LONDON — The WikiLeaks website is poised to release what the Pentagon fears is the largest cache of secret U.S. documents in history — hundreds of thousands of intelligence reports that could amount to a classified history of the war in Iraq.

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