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Commentary: It’s all political — and it’s not good

Politics is ubiquitous. It’s not simply because it is election season and political ads are about to run 24/7. It is more fundamental than that. It is the reality that American society — including every institution, product, television show, and ...

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Fair election campaign kicks off

The Fair Election Practices Campaign is underway. All candidates have been asked to sign a pledge to promote issue-oriented and civil campaigning for public office. The public pledge signing and press conference will be at noon Sept. 3 in the ...

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A look at judicial, legal candidates

Here are the candidates running for various judicial and other legal-related positions, as of Aug. 10, according to the Monroe County Board of Elections. The list does not include independent candidates who began circulating petitions ...

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Lee just the latest NY political scandal

Former Rep. Eric Massa and his tickle fights are so 2010. Eliot Spitzer? He’s two governors ago. With the shirtless photo sent to a woman he was trying to woo online, Rep. Chris Lee is the latest in a string of New York politicians whose misdeeds have riveted national attention.

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Unhappy Upstate: Dissatisfaction could hurt Dems

BUFFALO — Ken Streebel is not happy with the direction New York is headed. "No way," said the 61-year-old maintenance mechanic from suburban Hamburg. "Taxes are too expensive, my wife's been out of work for 2 1/2 years: one, because there's no jobs but two, because we're in our 60s, she can't get a job."

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