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Making car payment takes priority, study finds

NEW YORK — The recession and its hangover may have turned bill-paying habits upside down. Cash-strapped Americans are paying off their car loans before they pay credit card bills and make mortgage payments, a study finds. It used to be ...

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Comptroller: NY rebounding unevenly around state

ALBANY — State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said Thursday that New York has recovered less than half the jobs lost during the recession and a weakening Wall Street and global economy make for a gloomy outlook. DiNapoli’s report on economic trends ...

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Wall Street’s ride compounds states’ pension fears

ALBANY — Wall Street's volatility has hit state pension funds just as they were beginning to recover from the recession, turning what was merely a troubled forecast into a potentially stormy future for taxpayers who are on the hook for billions in unfunded liabilities for government retirees.

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Poll: People divided on looming debt crisis

WASHINGTON — It might be time for another midnight ride by Paul Revere, this time warning "the creditors are coming." Americans seem not to have awakened to the fast-looming debt crisis that could summon a new recession, imperil their stock market investments and shatter faith in the world's most powerful economy.

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